Build on the Most Eco-friendly, Decentralized & Secure Eva Chain
We make are investments to make the future greener.
About EvaLabs

EvaLabs identifies blockchain entrepreneurs, existing startups and communities, gathers, invests, empowers and leads environmentalists by funding industry projects focused on growing its own ecosystem with the potential to make the world more livable with its broad blockchain. EvaLabs is extremely committed to making the future more livable. EvaChain is a high-performance blockchain that can enable growing environmentally friendly, green-minded, decentralized applications and systems to scale with high security. EvaLabs is an organization dedicated to supporting EvaChain and other technologies in its ecosystem.

Our Vision

Our vision for EvaLabs is to create a carbon-free world in a changing world order. EvaChain is much more than a blockchain. The Evadore ecosystem is not designed by any person or organization; it is an organically developing structure with the support of green-minded people who feed the ecosystem to make it more vibrant and diverse, think to make the world more carbon-free, strive to make our planet more livable.The foundation of the EvaLabs vision is to use renewable energy sources, so we look to the future green. As EvaLabs, we invite the whole world to a ‘green future’ and ‘new world’ since our establishment, and support all the steps to be taken on this path while continuing to grow our ecosystem without slowing down. We care that every step we take for the future of the world and nature is green. As EvaLabs, we protect and develop the future according to the functioning of nature with the steps taken for recycling!

What are we doing for green

Yusuf Aydemir


Yasin Aydemir


Ertugrul Memis


Isiah Cargo


Pinar Tasdemir

Project Manager

Sjuul Follings


Ludgero Sousa


Altan Somuncu

Senior Finance Manager

Veronika Eider

Finance Manager

Yildirim Aksu

Finance Manager

Kemal Özbay

Marketing Leader

Fred Welty

Market Researcher

Mehmet Kent

Senior Marketing Director

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Marketing Director

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Marketing Director

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Marketing Director

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Human Resources Manager

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Senior Community Manager

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Community Manager

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Community Manager

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Community Manager

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Community Manager

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Community Manager

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Community Manager

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Erdogan Uguz

Senior Blockchain Developer

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Blockchain Developer

Ramis Altintas

Blockchain Developer

Mike Lamont

Blockchain Developer

Ates Bozkus

Blockchain Developer

Warren Connolly

Blockchain Developer

Muhammed Öztürk

Senior Developer

Erhan Özalp

Back-end Developer

Volkan Ozdil

Front-end Developer

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Nihat Sendil

Mobile App Developer

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Mobile App Developer

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Samet Aydin

UI/UX Designer

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Social Media Specialist

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Content Editor